Gov. Justice announces $34.2 million revenue surplus for February 2021


CHARLESTON, WV – At his latest COVID-19 briefing on Monday, Gov. Jim Justice reported that West Virginia’s general revenue collections for the month of February 2021 came in at $34.2 million above estimates and 7.4% above prior year receipts, despite the effects that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the state’s economy.
“We are really proud of how we’ve handled the economics of this state through the pandemic,” Gov. Justice said. “My job is always to look out for the health and safety of our people, but it is also my job to ‘mind the store’ and take care of the economics of our state.”


Year-to-date general revenue collections are now $208 million above estimates and 4.9% above prior year receipts.
West Virginia has now banked surpluses in seven of the first eight months of Fiscal Year 2021.

“These numbers are terrified and we’re just going to keep after it,” Gov. Justice said.

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The following is a summary of February General Revenue Fund collections:
  • February General Revenue Fund collections of $321.7 million were $34.2 million above estimate and 7.4% above prior year receipts.
  • Year-to-date collections of $3.085 billion were $208 million above estimate and 4.9% above prior year receipts.
  • Cumulative collections were $145.3 million above prior year collections due to the deferral of $200 million in income tax receipts from the prior fiscal year.

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