Legislative Action - Bill Status

2019 Special Session




HB 111

Relating to refunds of excise taxes collected from dealers of petroleum products

Approved by Governor 5/29/19

HB 112

Relating generally to the personal income tax

Approved by Governor 5/29/19

HB 115

Relating generally to court actions in abuse and neglect proceedings

Approved by Governor 5/29/19

HB 116

Relating generally to persons eighteen years of age and older in the custody of the Bureau of Juvenile Services

Approved by Governor 5/29/19

HB 117

Relating to reduced rates for low-income residential customers of privately owned sewer and combined water and sewer utilities

Approved by Governor 5/29/19

HB 119

Supplementing, amending, decreasing, and increasing items from the State Road Fund to the Department of Transportation

Approved by Governor 5/28/19

HB 133

Relating to the admissibility of health care staffing requirements in medical professional liability litigation

Approved by Governor 5/28/19

SB 1001

Upper Kanawha Valley Resiliency and Revitalization Program

Approved by Governor 5/29/19

SB 1004


zing law

Approved by Governor 5/29/19

SB 1006

Authorizing WV Board of Physical Therapy to conduct criminal background checks on initial license applicants

Approved by Governor 5/29/19

SB 1009

Establishing health professionals student loan programs

Approved by Governor 5/29/19

SB 1012

Creating voluntary certification of recovery residences

Approved by Governor 5/29/19

SB 1013

Permitting certain trained professionals to provide counseling in medication-assisted treatment program

Approved by Governor 5/29/19

SB 1016

Supplemental appropriation to DOT, Division of Highways

Approved by Governor 5/28/19

SB 1019

Supplementing, amending, decreasing, and increasing existing appropriations from State Road Fund to DOH for fiscal year ending June 30, 2020

Approved by Governor 5/28/19

SB 1026

Expiring funds from Treasurer's Unclaimed Property Fund and supplementing appropriations to Governor's Office

Approved by Governor 5/29/19

SB 1037

Relating generally to medical cannabis

Approved by Governor 5/29/19

2019 Legislative Session
Bill Title Complete
SB 1 Increasing access to career education and workforce training Signed 3/25/19
SB 3 Establishing WV Small Wireless Facilities Deployment Act Signed 3/27/19
SB 4 Relating generally to Municipal Home Rule Program Signed 3/25/19
SB 13 Relating to distributions from State Excess Lottery Fund Signed 3/7/19
SB 16 Authorizing expenditure of surplus funds by Wyoming County Commission Signed 3/22/19
SB 17 Relating to probation eligibility Signed 2/11/19
SB 18 Relating to crimes committed on State Capitol Complex Signed 2/25/19
SB 26 Permitting certain employees of educational service cooperatives participate in state's teacher retirement systems Signed 3/7/19
SB 27 Removing restrictions on where certain traditional lottery games may be played Signed 2/27/19
SB 28 Removing hotel occupancy tax limit collects for medical care and emergency services Signed 3/25/19
SB 30 Eliminating tax on annuity considerations collected by life insurer Signed 3/27/19
SB 36 Allowing adjustment of gross income for calculating personal income liability for certain retirees Signed 3/22/19
SB 40 Establishing Military Service Members Court program Signed 3/25/19
SB 60 Licensing practice of athletic training Signed 3/26/19
SB 61 Adding certain crimes for which prosecutor may apply for wiretap VETO 3/1/19
Second Enroll SB 61 Adding certain crimes for which prosecutor may apply for wiretap Signed 3/27/19
SB 72 Creating Sexual Assault Victims' Bill of Rights Signed 3/26/19
SB 90 Transferring Safety and Treatment Program from DHHR to DMV Signed 3/25/19
SB 100 Increasing court fees to fund law-enforcement standards training and expenses Signed 3/25/19
SB 101 Equalizing penalties for intimidating and retaliating against certain public officers and other persons Signed 3/25/19
SB 103 Relating generally to Public Defender Services Signed 3/27/19
SB 119 Specifying documents not subject to discovery in certain proceedings  Signed    2/8/19
SB 147 Shifting funding from Landfill Closure Assistance Fund to local solid waste authorities VETOED 3/27/19
SB 152 Relating generally to criminal offense expungement Signed 3/25/19
SB 153 Providing greater flexibility for making infrastructure project grants Signed 3/25/19
SB 154 Using school facilities for funeral and memorial services for certain community members Signed 3/25/19
SB 157 Authorizing Department of Administration promulgate legislative rules Signed 3/26/19
SB 163 Authorizing DEP promulgate legislative rules Signed 3/26/19
SB 175 Authorizing DHHR promulgate legislative rules Signed 3/26/19
SB 177 Fire Commission rule relating to State Building Code Signed 2/14/19
SB 187 Authorizing Department of Revenue to promulgate legislative rules Signed 3/26/19
SB 190 DOH rule relating to employment procedures VETOED 3/27/19
SB 199 Authorizing certain miscellaneous agencies and boards promulgate legislative rules Signed 3/22/19
SB 223 Authorizing Department of Commerce promulgate legislative rules Signed 3/22/19
SB 237 Improving ability of law enforcement to locate and return missing persons Signed 3/25/19
SB 238 Increasing certain penalties for passing stopped school bus Signed 3/25/19
SB 240 Repealing certain legislative rules no longer authorized or are obsolete Signed 2/19/19
SB 241 Permitting county court clerks scan certain documents in electronic form Signed 3/22/19
SB 255 Relating to Emergency Medical Services Advisory Committee Signed 2/14/19
SB 264 Requiring courts to order restitution to crime victims where economically practicable Signed 3/22/19
SB 267 Requiring State Board of Education adopt policy detailing level of computer science instruction. **GOV Bill Signed 2/19/19
SB 268 Updating meaning of federal taxable income in WV Corporation Net Income Tax Act **GOV BILL Signed 2/27/19
SB 269 Updating terms used in WV Personal Income Tax Act **GOV BILL Signed 2/27/19
SB 270 Streamlining process for utilities access to DOH rights-of-way Signed 3/7/19
SB 272 Updating code relating to Commission on Special Investigations VETOED   2/11/19
SB 272 - rework Updating code relating to Commission on Special Investigations Signed 2/28/19
SB 285 Relating to sale of homemade food items Signed 3/25/19
SB 291 Relating generally to survivor benefits for emergency response providers Signed 3/22/19
SB 295 Relating to crimes against public justice Signed 3/25/19
SB 310 Establishing certain requirements for dental insurance Signed 3/25/19
SB 316 Preserving previously approved state Municipal Policemen's or Firemen's pensions Signed 3/25/19
SB 317 Authorizing three or more adjacent counties form multicounty trail network authority Signed 3/25/19
SB 318 Transferring Medicaid Fraud Control Unit to Attorney General's office Signed 3/25/19
SB 323 Establishing revenue fund and source to support Department of Agriculture's improvement to facilities Signed 2/25/19
SB 324 Relating to Commissioner of Agriculture employees Signed 2/19/19
SB 329 Relating to agricultural education in high schools Signed 3/22/19
SB 330 Requiring contact information be listed on agency's online directory and website Signed 3/25/19
SB 340 Repealing obsolete provisions of code relating to WV Physicians Mutual Insurance Company Signed 3/22/19
SB 344 Relating to operation of state-owned farms Signed 3/26/19
SB 345 Relating to fire service equipment and training funds for VFDs Signed 3/25/19
SB 352 Relating to Division of Corrections and Rehabilitation acquiring and disposing of services, goods, and commodities Signed 3/25/19
SB 354 Expiring funds to balance of Auditor's Office - Chief Inspector's Fund Signed 2/19/19
SB 356 Requiring MAPS provide state and federal prosecutors information Signed 3/7/19
SB 357 Relating generally to Division of Administrative Services Signed 3/22/19
SB 358 Exempting Purchasing Division purchases for equipment to maintain security at state facilities Signed 3/7/19
SB 360 Relating to third-party litigation financing Signed 3/25/19
SB 369 Relating to generic drug products Signed 3/25/19
SB 373 Relating to financial responsibility of inmates Signed 3/25/19
SB 377 Relating to minimum wage and maximum hour standards Signed 3/1/19
SB 387 Relating generally to extradition Signed 3/7/19
SB 393 Protecting right to farm Signed 3/27/19
SB 396 Waiving occupational licensing fees for low-income individuals and military families Signed 3/25/19
SB 398 Relating to compensation for senior judges Signed 3/25/19
SB 400 Allowing Board of Dentistry create specialty licenses Signed 3/22/19
SB 402 Authorizing Division of Forestry investigate and enforce timber theft violations Signed 3/25/19
SB 404 Relating generally to sediment control during commercial timber harvesting operations Signed 3/25/19
SB 405 Increasing limit on additional expenses incurred in preparing notice list for redemption Signed 3/25/19
SB 408 Determining indigency for public defender services Signed 3/22/19
SB 421 Relating to annual legislative review of economic development tax credit Signed 3/22/19
SB 424 Supplemental appropriation to Civil Contingent Fund Signed 3/14/19
SB 435 Supplemental appropriation to State Department of Education and Vocational Division Signed 3/14/19
SB 440 Relating to Antihazing Law VETOED 3/27/19
SB 441 Relating to higher education campus police officers Signed 3/22/19
SB 442 Supplementing, amending, and decreasing appropriation to Insurance Commission Signed 3/7/19
SB 443 Supplemental appropriation of federal moneys to DHHR divisions Signed 3/7/19
SB 444 Supplemental appropriation to DHHR divisions Signed 3/7/19
SB 452 Supplemental appropriation to Second Chance Driver's License Program Signed 3/7/19
SB 453 Relating to background checks of certain financial institutions Signed 3/25/19
SB 461 Providing for personal income tax withholding on certain lottery winnings Signed 3/25/19
SB 481 Relating to Judicial Vacancy Advisory Commission Signed 3/22/19
SB 485 Clarifying notification requirements for property insurance purposes Signed 3/25/19
SB 487 Relating to admissibility of health care staffing requirements in litigation VETOED 3/27/19
SB 489 Relating to Pharmacy Audit Integrity Act Signed 3/1/19
SB 491 Extending effective date for voter registration in conjunction with driver licensing Signed 3/25/19
SB 493 Correcting terminology referring to racing vehicles illegally on street Signed 3/26/19
SB 496 Transferring authority to regulate milk from DHHR to Department of Agriculture Signed 3/25/19
SB 499 Amending WV tax laws to conform to changes in partnerships for federal income tax purposes Signed 3/25/19
SB 502 Exempting sales of investment metal bullion and coins Signed 3/27/19
SB 510 Relating to medical professional liability Signed 3/25/19
SB 511 Creating alternating wine proprietorships Signed 3/25/19
SB 518 Restricting sale and trade of dextromethorphan Signed 3/22/19
SB 519 Requiring county emergency dispatchers complete course for telephonic cardiopulmonary resuscitation Signed 3/26/19
SB 520 Requiring entities report drug overdoses Signed 3/25/19
SB 522 Creating Special Road Repair Fund VETOED 3/27/19
SB 529 Clarifying provisions of Nonintoxicating Beer Act Signed 3/25/19
SB 531 Relating generally to workers' compensation claims Signed 3/25/19
SB 537 Creating workgroup to review hospice need standards Signed 3/27/19
SB 538 Relating to WV Highway Design-Build Pilot Program Signed 3/27/19
SB 539 Relating to accrued benefit of retirees in WV State Police Retirement System Plan B Signed 3/27/19
SB 543 Relating generally to automobile warranties and inspections Signed 3/25/19
SB 544 Increasing salaries for members of WV State Police over three-year period Signed 3/22/19
SB 545 Relating to HIV testing Signed 3/26/19
SB 546 Relating to health care provider taxes Signed 3/25/19
SB 550 Declaring certain claims to be moral obligations of state Signed 3/26/19
SB 554 Removing salary caps for director of State Rail Authority Signed 3/25/19
SB 561 Permitting Alcohol Beverage Control Administration request assistance of local law enforcement Signed 3/25/19
SB 564 Expanding comprehensive coverage for pregnant women through Medicaid Signed 3/25/19
SB 566 Relating to compensation for State Athletic Commission members Signed 3/25/19
SB 587 Relating to PEIA reimbursement of air ambulance providers Signed 3/25/19
SB 593 Permitting critical access hospital become community outpatient medical center Signed 3/25/19
SB 596 Adjusting voluntary contribution amounts on certain DMV forms Signed 3/25/19
SB 597 Conforming state law to federal law for registration of appraisal management companies Signed 3/25/19
SB 600 Relating to preservation of biological evidence obtained through criminal investigations and trials Signed 3/25/19
SB 601 Relating to mandatory supervision of adult inmates Signed 3/25/19
SB 603 Exempting certain activities from licensing requirements for engaging in business of currency exchange Signed 3/25/19
SB 605 Permitting Secondary Schools Athletic Commission discipline schools for not following protocol for concussions and head injuries Signed 3/25/19
SB 613 Requiring DNR include election of organ donation on hunting licenses Signed 3/26/19
SB 617 Relating to method of payment to Municipal Pensions Security Fund Signed 3/22/19
SB 622 Relating generally to regulation and control of financing elections Signed 3/27/19
SB 624 Allowing county boards of education use alternative assessment provided in Every Student Succeeds Act VETOED 3/27/19
SB 625 Clarifying and defining authority of State Athletic Commission Signed 3/25/19
SB 627 Relating generally to Rural Rehabilitation Loan Program Signed 3/22/19
SB 632 Improving student safety Signed 3/25/19
SB 633 Authorizing Board of Physical Therapy conduct criminal background checks on applicants for licenses VETOED 3/27/19
SB 635 Relating generally to coal mining activities Signed 3/27/19
SB 636 Authorizing legislative rules for Higher Education Policy Commission Signed 3/26/19
SB 640 Regulating sudden cardiac arrest prevention Signed 3/25/19
SB 641 Relating to Primary Care Support Program Signed 3/25/19
SB 653 Relating generally to practice of medical corporations Signed 3/25/19
SB 655 Relating to conservation districts generally Signed 3/25/19
SB 656 Relating to electronic filing of tax returns Signed 3/25/19
SB 657 Providing consumer protection regarding self-propelled farm equipment Signed 3/25/19
SB 658 Relating to motor vehicle salesperson licenses Signed 3/25/19
SB 664 Authorizing certain members of federal judiciary perform marriages Signed 3/26/19
SB 667 Creating WV Motorsport Committee Signed 3/25/19
SB 668 Relating to physician assistants collaborating with physicians in hospitals Signed 3/25/19
SB 669 Allowing appointment of commissioners to acknowledge signatures Signed 3/25/19
SB 670 Relating to WV College Prepaid Tuition and Savings Program Signed 3/25/19
SB 672 Authorizing School Building Authority to promulgate legislative rules Signed 3/26/19
SB 673 Relating to public higher education accountability and planning Signed 3/25/19
SB 675 Requiring DEP create and implement Adopt-A-Stream Program Signed 3/25/19
SB 676 Relating to off-road vehicle recreation VETOED 3/27/19
SB 677 Supplemental appropriation to Division of Health and Division of Human Services Signed 3/14/19
SB 678 Supplemental appropriation from State Excess Lottery Revenue Fund to Office of Technology Signed 3/14/19
SB 679 Supplemental appropriation to Division of Finance Signed 3/14/19
SB 680 Supplemental appropriations to various divisions in DMAPS Signed 3/14/19
SB 681 Supplemental appropriation from Lottery Net Profits to Educational Broadcasting Authority Signed 3/14/19
HB 2001 Relating to exempting social security benefits from personal income tax Signed 3/27/19
HB 2004 Providing for a program of instruction in workforce preparedness Signed 3/26/19
HB 2009 Creating a new category of Innovation in Education grant program Signed 3/27/19
HB 2010 Relating to foster care Signed 3/26/19
HB 2020 Budget Bill, making appropriations of public money out of the treasury in accordance with section fifty-one, article six of the Constitution Signed w/ objections 3/14/19
HB 2036 Permitting vehicles displaying disabled veterans' special registration plates to park in places where persons with mobility impairments may park Signed 3/9/19
HB 2049 Relating to a prime contractor’s responsibility for wages and benefits Signed 3/26/19
HB 2079 Removing certain limitations on medical cannabis grower, processor and dispensary licenses VETOED 3/27/19
HB 2083 Providing an identification card for released inmates who do not have a West Virginia identification card or driver’s license Signed 3/26/19
HB 2183 Clarifying where a charge of DUI may be brought against an individual Signed 3/26/19
HB 2191 Relating generally to limited video lottery Signed 2/25/19
HB 2193 Providing a specific escheat of US savings bonds Signed 3/26/19
HB 2204 Prohibiting state licensing boards from hiring lobbyists Signed 3/19/19
HB 2209 Allowing military veterans who meet certain qualifications to qualify for examination for license as an emergency medical technician Signed 3/26/19
HB 2307 Relating to creating a provisional license for practicing barbering and cosmetology Signed 2/19/19
HB 2311 Exempting short-term license holders to submit information to the State Tax Commission once the term of the permit has expired Signed 3/26/19
HB 2324 Authorizing the acupuncture board to issue certificates to perform auricular acudetox therapy Signed 3/1/19
HB 2351 Relating to regulating prior authorizations Signed 3/1/19
HB 2359 Relating to exemptions to the commercial driver's license requirements Signed 3/19/19
HB 2362 Ardala Miller Memorial Act Signed 3/26/19
HB 2363 Relating to the Upper Kanawha Valley Resiliency and Revitalization Program VETOED 3/27/19
HB 2378 Relating generally to grounds for revocation of a teaching certificate Signed 3/26/19
HB 2396 West Virginia Fresh Food Act Signed 3/22/19
HB 2405 Imposing a healthcare related provider tax on certain health care organizations Signed 3/27/19
HB 2412 Relating to criminal acts concerning government procurement of commodities and services VETOED 3/27/19
HB 2422 Relating to the time for the observation of “Celebrate Freedom Week” Signed 3/22/19
HB 2439 Relating to fire service equipment and training funds for volunteer and part-volunteer fire companies Signed 3/26/19
HB 2446 Blue Alert Plan Signed 2/25/19
HB 2452 Creating the West Virginia Cybersecurity Office Signed 3/26/19
HB 2459 Exercising authority to exempt individuals domiciled within the state from certain restrictions contained in federal law Signed 2/28/19
HB 2462 Issuing a certificate to correctional employees to carry firearms Signed 2/19/19
HB 2474 Relating to a reserving methodology for health insurance and annuity contracts Signed 3/26/19
HB 2476 Relating to the valuation of a motor vehicle involved in an insurance claim Signed 3/22/19
HB 2479 Corporate Governance Annual Disclosure Act Signed 3/26/19
HB 2480 Relating to the regulation of an internationally active insurance group Signed 3/26/19
HB 2481 Permitting retail sale of alcoholic beverages on Sundays after 1 p.m. Signed 2/28/19
HB 2486 Using records of criminal conviction to disqualify a person from receiving a license for a profession or occupation VETOED 3/27/19
HB 2490 Preventing proposing or enforcing rules that prevent recreational water facilities from making necessary upgrades Signed 3/26/19
HB 2492 Relating to mandatory reporting procedures of abuse and neglect of adults and children Signed 2/28/19
HB 2503 Relating to court actions VETOED 3/27/19
HB 2509 Clarifying that theft of a controlled substance is a felony Signed 3/26/19
HB 2510 Relating to special funds of boards of examination or registration Signed 3/26/19
HB 2515 Exempting the sale and installation of mobility enhancing equipment from the sales and use tax Signed 3/25/19
HB 2521 Relating to permitting fur-bearer parts Signed 2/28/19
HB 2524 Permitting a pharmacist to convert prescriptions authorizing refills under certain circumstances Signed 3/26/19
HB 2525 Tobacco Cessation Therapy Access Act Signed 3/26/19
HB 2530 Creating a voluntary certification for recovery residences VETOED 3/27/19
HB 2531 Permitting trained nurses to provide mental health services in a medication-assisted treatment program VETOED 3/27/19
HB 2538 Providing banking services for medical cannabis Signed 3/26/19
HB 2540 Prohibiting the waste of game animals, game birds or game fish Signed 3/25/19
HB 2541 Requiring certain safety measures be taken at public schools Signed 3/25/19
HB 2547 Relating to the election prohibition zone Signed 3/19/19
HB 2550 Creating a matching program for the Small Business Innovation and Research Program and the Small Business Technology Transfer Program Signed 3/27/19
HB 2579 Relating to the collection of tax and the priority of distribution of an estate or property in receivership VETOED 3/27/19
HB 2583 Family Planning Access Act Signed 3/26/19
HB 2600 Relating to publication of sample ballots Signed 3/26/19
HB 2601 Relating to the review and approval of state property leases Signed 3/22/19
HB 2607 Relating to the licensure of nursing homes Signed 3/1/19
HB 2608 Repealing the requirement of printing the date a consumer deposit account was opened on paper checks Signed 3/19/19
HB 2609 Relating to presumptions of abandonment and indication of ownership in property Signed 3/25/19
HB 2612 Proposing rules related to the completion or updating of source water protection plans Signed 3/6/19
HB 2617 Relating to the form for making offer of optional uninsured and underinsured coverage by insurers Signed 3/25/19
HB 2618 Including undue influence as a factor in the definition of financial exploitation of an elderly person or protected person Signed 3/26/19
HB 2647 Self Storage Limited License Act Signed 3/26/19
HB 2661 Relating to natural gas utilities VETOED 3/27/19
HB 2662 Relating to certificates or employment of school personnel Signed 3/26/19
HB 2665 Supplemental appropriation for PEIA Rainy Day Fee Signed 3/14/19
HB 2666 Supplemental appropriation to the Department of Veterans’ Assistance Signed 3/1/19
HB 2667 Supplemental appropriation to the Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety, Division of Corrections Signed 3/14/19
HB 2668 Supplemental appropriation to the Department of Administration, Public Defender Services Signed 3/1/19
HB 2673 Creating the Oil and Gas Abandoned Well Plugging Fund VETOED 3/27/19
HB 2674 Creating a student loan repayment program for a mental health provider VETOED 3/27/19
HB 2690 Relating to guaranty associations Signed 3/25/19
HB 2691 Providing that a license to carry a concealed deadly weapon expires on the holder’s birthday Signed 3/25/19
HB 2694 Relating to the state’s ability to regulate hemp Signed 3/27/19
HB 2703 Relating to refunds of excise taxes collected from dealers of petroleum products VETOED 3/27/19
HB 2709 Relating to hunting licenses Signed 3/26/19
HB 2715 Relating to Class Q special hunting permit for disabled persons Signed 3/22/19
HB 2716 Relating to vessel lighting and equipment requirements Signed 3/22/19
HB 2734 Relating to reduced rates for low-income residential customers of privately owned sewer and combined water and sewer utilities VETOED 3/27/19
HB 2737 Relating to training of State Tax Division employees Signed 3/19/19
HB 2739 Relating to contributions on behalf of employees to a retirement plan administered by the Consolidated Public Retirement Board Signed 3/26/19
HB 2740 Barring a parent from inheriting from a child in certain instances Signed 3/25/19
HB 2743 Eliminating reference to municipal policemen’s pension and relief funds and firemen’s pension and relief funds in section restricting investment Signed 3/22/19
HB 2746 Relating to administration of estates Signed 3/25/19
HB 2759 Providing for the ancillary administration of West Virginia real estate owned by nonresidents by affidavit and without administration Signed 3/26/19
HB 2761 Modernizing the self-service storage lien law Signed 3/26/19
HB 2768 Reducing the use of certain prescription drugs Signed 3/26/19
HB 2770 Fairness in Cost-Sharing Calculation Act Signed 3/27/19
HB 2807 Creating an additional modification to the West Virginia adjusted gross income of shareholders of S corporations engaged in banking VETOED 3/27/19
HB 2809 Relating to prohibited acts and penalties in the Hatfield-McCoy Recreation Area Signed 3/26/19
HB 2813 Relating generally to collection of use tax Signed 3/27/19
HB 2816 Removing the terms “hearing impaired,” “hearing impairment,” and “deaf mute” from the West Virginia Code and substituting terms Signed 3/26/19
HB 2821 Updating provisions for command, clerical and other pay Signed 3/9/19
HB 2827 Removing the residency requirements for hiring deputy assessors Signed 3/19/19
HB 2828 Relating to Qualified Opportunity Zones VETOED 3/27/19
HB 2829 Relating to the termination of severance taxes on limestone and sandstone Signed 3/27/19
HB 2831 Finding and declaring certain claims against the state and its agencies to be moral obligations of the state Signed 3/26/19
HB 2846 Designating a “Back the Blue” plate in support of law-enforcement personnel Signed 3/26/19
HB 2848 Relating to the West Virginia ABLE Act Signed 3/27/19
HB 2849 Establishing different classes of pharmacy technicians Signed 3/26/19
HB 2850 Relating to qualifications for commercial driver’s license Signed 3/26/19
HB 2853 Establishing the West Virginia Program for Open Education Resources Signed 3/26/19
HB 2854 Exempting sales from the consumers sales and service tax and use tax by not for profit volunteer school support groups raising funds for schools Signed 3/19/19
HB 2856 Relating to the administration of the operating fund of the securities division of the Auditor’s office Signed 3/26/19
HB 2872 Authorizing law-enforcement officers to assist the State Fire Marshal Signed 3/25/19
HB 2907 Requiring a form of a certified commitment order to the Division of Corrections and Rehabilitation Signed 3/22/19
HB 2926 Requiring the Secretary of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs to study the housing needs of veterans Signed 3/26/19
HB 2933 Modifying the criminal penalties imposed on a parent, guardian or custodian for child abuse resulting in injury VETOED 3/27/19
HB 2934 West Virginia Lottery Interactive Wagering Act Into law w/out signature
HB 2945 Relating to vendors paying a single annual fee for a permit issued by a local health department Signed 3/26/19
HB 2947 Relating generally to telemedicine prescription practice requirements and exceptions Signed 3/26/19
HB 2954 Defining certain terms used in insurance Signed 3/25/19
HB 2958 Authorizing the State Auditor to conduct regular financial examinations or audits of all volunteer fire companies Signed 3/25/19
HB 2968 Adding remote service unit to the definition of customer bank communications terminals Signed 3/26/19
HB 2975 Relating to imposition of sexual acts on persons incarcerated Signed 3/25/19
HB 2982 Amending and updating the laws relating to auctioneers Signed 3/26/19
HB 2992 Relating to governmental websites VETOED 3/27/19
HB 3007 Authorizing the Commissioner of Agriculture to require background checks Signed 3/19/19
HB 3016 Relating to the State Aeronautics Commission Signed 3/26/19
HB 3020 Relating to sole source contracts for goods and services with nonprofit corporations affiliated with the respective education institutions Signed 3/27/19
HB 3021 Relating to the disposition of permit fees, registration fees and civil penalties imposed against thoroughbred horse racing licensees Signed 3/25/19
HB 3024 West Virginia Business Ready Sites Program VETOED 3/27/19
HB 3044 Requiring the Commissioner of Highways to develop a formula for allocating road funds VETOED 3/27/19
HB 3045 Exempting certain complimentary hotel rooms from hotel occupancy tax Signed 3/19/19
HB 3057 Relating to the Adult Drug Court Participation Fund Signed 3/26/19
HB 3083 Adding temporary work during the legislative session as exclusion to the term employment for purposes of unemployment compensation Signed 3/19/19
HB 3093 Relating to standards for factory-built homes Signed 3/25/19
HB 3095 Establishing a minimum monthly retirement annuity for certain retirants Signed 3/19/19
HB 3131 Relating to providing salary adjustments to employees of the Department of Health and Human Resources Signed 3/26/19
HB 3132 Relating to exempting providers that serve no more than 30 patients with office-based medication-assisted treatment Signed 3/26/19
HB 3135 Expiring funds to the balance of the Department of Commerce, Development Office Signed 3/14/19
HB 3139 Relating to funding of the Public Employees Health Insurance Program Signed 3/27/19
HB 3140 Relating to the Division of Natural Resources Infrastructure Signed 3/26/19
HB 3141 Requiring capitol building commission authorization for certain renovations Signed 3/26/19
HB 3142 Relating to reducing the severance tax on thermal or steam coal Signed 3/27/19
HB 3143 Relating to requirements for consumer loans in West Virginia Signed 3/26/19
HB 3144 North Central Appalachian Coal Severance Tax Rebate Act Signed 3/27/19
HB 3148 Making a supplementary appropriation to the Department of Health and Human Resources, Division of Human Services Vetoed 3/14/19



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