Veterans Services

Dedicated to providing services and benefits assistance to veterans. The department operates 16 field and claims offices throughout the state. Additionally, the department operates ​​W​​est Virginia’s State veterans cemetery​, veterans-only homeless shelter and veterans nursing facility.​
1900 Kanawha Blvd East
Bldg.​​​ 5, Room 205
Charleston, WV  25305​

Employment Benefits:
In accordance with Title 38, US Code and State legislation, qualified veterans are entitled to receive a priority in all employment and training programs and services. The Employment Service, a partner in the Workforce​ West Virginia One-Stop Career Centers, is the delivery agent for U.S. Department of Labor-funded employment and training programs. Services are provided to all veterans through a network of Job Service offices in West Virginia. 

The West Virginia Military Incentive Credit encourages the employment of veterans and members of the guard and reserve forces in the private sector by providing tax credits to qualified businesses that employ economically disadvantaged veterans and unemployed members of the West Virginia National Guard and United States Reserve forces. Additional information is available in West Virginia State Code 21A-2C-1 and through Workforce West Virginia.

Boots to Bus Drivers is an initiative of the West Virginia Department of Education, in partnership with Operation Welcome Home and the West Virginia Department of Veterans Assistance, that connects retired and transitioning active-duty military service members with the training they need for a career as a school bus operator​.

Veterans Preference
Under the West Virginia Civil Service System, all veterans who have served under honorable conditions in the Armed Forces of the United States during hostile conflict shall have five points added to a final passing score. An additional five points are added to a veteran’s score if in receipt of the Purple Heart or if he/she has a compensable service-connected disability. 

Provides a 24/7 online resource assistance to all veterans, as well as to employers who want to hire veterans. The site was designed to be a virtual “first stop” for veterans, transitioning service members and their spouses in the employment search processes. The site brings together job banks, state employment offices, AJCs, opportunities in top trending industry sectors and employer assistance.

The Farmer Veteran Fellowship Fund is a small grant program that provides direct assistance to veterans who are in their beginning years of farming or ranching.

​Patriot Guardens
Patriot Guardens aligns resources to facilitate agricultural economic development and employment opportunities for WV veterans, WVNG members and citizens.
Operation Welcome Home is a Veterans Job Placement Facility at Mylan Park in Morgantown, WV. We serve the North Central West Virginia population of Veterans by providing services and support that cannot be found anywhere else in our Region.

The National AgrAbility Project is committed to helping military veterans who choose agriculture as their "Next Mission," as well as beginning farmers with disabilities or other functional limitations.

Educational Benefits:
Students who qualify for the War Orphan Education Program will not be charged tuition and fees by a West Virginia post-secondary education or training institution. Award amounts administered by the West Virginia Department of Veterans Assistance are to cover costs associated with room, board, books and other living expenses. This amount fluctuates according to the number of applications received each semester. No more than $1,000 will be awarded to a student in any one semester and no more than $2,000 will be awarded to a student in any one year. 

West Virginia veterans who served in WWII, Korea or Vietnam and did not graduate from high school may be awarded a high school diploma. The diploma may be granted by the veteran’s current county of residence or by the county in which the school he/she attended is located.

Agriculture Training Scholarship
The West Virginia Department of Agriculture will reimburse up to $600 each fiscal year, ending June 30th, for any pre-approved agricultural-related classes, workshops, conferences, and certifications. Application can be found here 

This program assists our military-connected students in achieving academic, personal, and professional success through their educational benefits and activities that promote learning and wellbeing.

Armed to Farm is a sustainable agriculture training program for military veterans. The National Center for Appropriate Technology, a national nonprofit organization based in Butte, Montana, developed Armed to Farm through a cooperative agreement with USDA-Rural Development.

​Metal of Honor & Purple Hearth Tuition Waivers
All public institutions of higher education waive tuition and mandatory fee charges for West Virginia residents who have been awarded the Medal of Honor or Purple Heart. More information is through theWest Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission.

In-state Tuition Rates for Nonresident Veterans
All public higher education institutions will assess tuition at the in state rate for nonresident recipients of the GI Bill who enroll within three years of their discharge (beginning July, 2015). More information is available trough the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commissionn.

Yellow Ribbon GI Education Enhancement Program
All public institutions of higher education are participants of the US Department of Veterans Affairs’ Yellow Ribbon G.I. Education Enhancement Program, also known as the “bridging the gap” program. This benefit helps veterans afford programs where costs exceed the amount of funding provided by the G.I. Bill. More information is available  through the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission.

Since fiscal year 1997, the West Virginia legislature has included in the annual budget various amounts of funding for postsecondary education. This program offers up to a $500 per semester stipend to veterans who are enrolled in a certified post-secondary class. Additionally, this program can assist veterans with vocational and non-traditional education endeavors on a case-by-case basis

This program supports the efforts of public institutions to be veteran friendly by providing academic and student support services that address the unique needs of student veterans. 

Tax Benefits: 
Military Retirement Pay State Income Tax Exemption
For taxable years beginning after December 31, 2017, military retirement income, including retirement income from the regular Armed Forces, Reserves and National Guard paid by the United States or the State of West Virginia are exempt from state income tax. This includes any survivorship annuities, to the extent that they are included in federal adjusted gross income for the taxable year.
Homestead Exemption
Veterans with 100% permanent and total service-connected disabilities may be exempt from certain property taxes. Veterans who believe they qualify should contact their County Assessors’ Office. 

Other Veteran Benefits:
The DAV Transportation Network is intended to provide transportation for medical appointments to veterans in rural areas or who have no other transportation. 

House Bill 2285, passed in 2005, provides for the payment of a Veteran Bonus to veterans of the Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanistan conflicts. The Bonus Program provides $400 to qualified veterans who served during the designated time frame outside of the combat zone, and those who served in the combat zone can receive the maximum of $600.

To see if you are qualified, contact one of our Service Offices. Click here for an application.

Special vehicle license plates and disabled veteran tags are provided without fee to veterans who qualify for federal VA auto grant benefits or who have a 100% permanent and total service connected disability. Former POWs, Purple Heart recipients and Pearl Harbor survivors are also eligible for special license plates without fee. Veteran plates are available to all other honorably discharged veterans for a one-time fee of $10 over and above the regular license fee required by the state Division of Motor Vehicles(DMV)​ For more information contact a regional DMV office.

Veterans and active duty military personnel are provided a year-round 10% discount on all standard lodge rooms, cabins and campsites operated by West Virginia State Parks. Additional discounts and offers for veterans and military members are available seasonally. For more information visit​​ West Virginia State Parks

Families of deceased veterans may be provided grave markers for their loved one free of charge from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. However, some families are unable to cover the cost of installing these grave markers. The Jack Bennett Fund provides applicants up to $380 to offset these costs. A family’s need for financial assistance may be used to determine eligibility and is based on the “Means Test T​hreshold” as published by the federal VA. Any family member of a deceased veteran, licensed funeral directors and cemeteries may apply For an application, click here.


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