Gov. Justice appoints Ann Urling as Interim Inspector General for Departments of Health, Human Services, and Health Facilities


Gov. Justice appoints Ann Urling as Interim Inspector General for Departments of Health, Human Services, and Health Facilities
CHARLESTON, WVGov. Jim Justice today announced the appointment of Ann Urling as the Interim Inspector General for the Departments of Health, Human Services, and Health Facilities. 

Urling, the Governor’s Deputy Chief of Staff, is a dedicated public servant with extensive experience in government operations and accountability. She will be responsible for leading the independent oversight of programs within the three agencies, ensuring they operate efficiently and effectively while safeguarding public funds.

"Ann has been a trusted advisor to me for years now and has helped my administration in countless ways," Gov. Justice said. "Her unwavering commitment to transparency, accountability, and efficiency in government makes her the perfect choice to lead the Office of Inspector General. I have no doubt she will tirelessly work to ensure that West Virginia taxpayers' dollars are used wisely."

As the Inspector General for West Virginia's health and human services departments, Urling will have broad authority to ensure program efficiency, fiscal responsibility, and public safety. She'll oversee investigations into fraud, waste, and abuse of funds, while also scrutinizing departmental behavior that might threaten public safety or indicate negligence. Collaborating with other agencies to avoid redundant audits, Urling will have the power to consult with the Legislature on policy development, ultimately aiming to promote legal, regulatory, programmatic, and fiscal compliance across all departments.

"I am incredibly honored by Governor Justice's trust in me to serve as Inspector General,” Urling said. "I am deeply committed to ensuring that West Virginians receive the highest quality services from their government and that taxpayer dollars are used responsibly and effectively. I look forward to conducting thorough and independent oversight, while fostering a culture of transparency and accountability within the departments."

Urling, prior to joining Gov. Justice's team, had extensive experience in community banking. A native of Shinnston, WV, she has been in Kanawha County since 1991. Before her current role, she was the Senior Vice President of Summit Community Bank. Urling is involved in various community service initiatives, including serving as a former member of the Childhood Language Center Board and Rae of Hope. She holds a bachelor's degree from West Virginia University and is a graduate of the Lloyd P. Calvert Graduate School of Banking. She resides in Charleston with her husband and is actively involved in her church.

Gov. Justice has asked Urling to remain involved in his office as a Senior Advisor throughout the duration of his administration, a position she will hold concurrently with Interim Inspector General.

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