Gov. Justice announces updates to comprehensive website to track and manage West Virginia’s IIJA plans and accomplishments


Gov. Justice announces updates to comprehensive website to track and manage West Virginia’s IIJA plans and accomplishments
CHARLESTON, WV — Gov. Jim Justice announced major upgrades to the state’s comprehensive infrastructure website to give Mountain State residents complete access to the state’s plans and accomplishments under the federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act or IIJA.

West Virginia is expected to receive $7 billion in federal funding between 2022 and 2027 through the IIJA, perhaps the largest federal infrastructure investment program in history.
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"We have a ton of infrastructure projects already going, with more on the way," Gov. Justice said. "This website is the most accurate and transparent way for people to keep track of how federal dollars are being spent on those projects around the state. There is a lot of money rolling into West Virginia right now, and this is how you can keep track of how it is being used for you.”

The West Virginia Infrastructure Hub is designed to efficiently distribute IIJA funds throughout the Mountain State. The website aims to ensure that the historic investment in infrastructure is distributed to where it is needed most.

It allows West Virginians to see precisely how the state is moving the needle, answering questions like exactly how many miles of roads are being paved,  or how many new residences and businesses will have broadband access?
In the coming months, a statewide fund tracker tool will be rolled out to facilitate coordination among state and local agencies and economic development representatives, provide technical assistance and training, and support local communities across the state to secure federal funds through the IIJA, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and CHIPs funding.
Of approximately $4.4 billion already announced for West Virginia, IIJA projects in the state include $3 billion in highway projects, $506 million in bridge replacements and repairs, $487 million toward clean drinking water projects, $190 million for public transportation, $100 million for broadband expansion, $46 million to build electric vehicle infrastructure, $44 million for airports, $14 million for cyber security, and $11 million for protection against wildfires.
About $2.13 billion in IIJA funding is already at work in West Virginia on transportation, broadband and environmental projects, creating 27,300 jobs. The West Virginia Infrastructure Hub will track these projects, allowing residents to see the state’s accomplishments and progress.

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