Gov. Justice announces state employees will no longer be charged for parking at state facilities


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CHARLESTON, WV – Gov. Jim Justice announced today that state employees will no longer have to pay for parking, either at the State Capitol Complex or at any other state facility.

“The bottom line is all state employees that currently pay for parking will see an increase on their paychecks,” Gov. Justice said.

The new Rule, filed by the West Virginia Department of Administration to the Secretary of State’s Office, will go into effect on May 5, 2023, and employees currently paying for parking will no longer see that money removed from their paychecks. Currently, a known 2,377 employees will be impacted, but as the Department of Administration works with departments statewide to implement this change, officials believe this number will grow.

“I thank the Legislature for helping get this rule across the finish line so that we can give our employees a little back each month,” Gov. Justice added.

Employees should wait to hear from their parking manager or HR representative on how and when they will start to see the parking fees removed from their paychecks. This change only applies to state employees who are currently charged for parking, either by the agency or by a third-party for parking in lots designated by the state spending unit. Some exceptions may apply.

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