Gov. Justice: President Biden must tap into West Virginia’s rich natural resources to make America energy independent again


Governor requests $5 million in aid for bombed Ukraine children’s hospital
CHARLESTON, WV – Today, Gov. Jim Justice delivered an address from the State Capitol to discuss America’s energy crisis, its role in the war in Ukraine, and how President Biden must act now by tapping into West Virginia’s rich natural resources to make America energy independent again.

The Governor explained that, by the Biden Administration putting a chokehold on America’s energy supply, they bear responsibility for rapidly surging energy costs. Worse still, Gov. Justice noted, dependence on hostile foreign countries for these critical resources – including Russia – has put America in a position where aiding in Ukraine’s defense is strategically precarious for the security of the country and the free world.

“None of us would have ever really imagined that, because of a madman and evil in the world, that we could possibly be on the brink of World War III. But here we are,” Gov. Justice said. “We have a colossal problem in this world right now. Energy has become weaponized.

“There's only one solution. This country needs to be energy independent in every single, solitary way,” Gov. Justice continued. “That independence starts right here in little ol’ West Virginia. The very resources that we have in abundance in this state – coal, oil, and gas – are exactly what will save the world.

“The Biden Administration has kicked West Virginia to the side. They’ve tried to extinguish us. Today, all of a sudden, the whole world is wondering, ‘Where’s West Virginia to save us?’

“Why is America afraid? This is America, for crying out loud! Jim Justice is not going to be afraid. It’s time for West Virginia to be that beacon of light for America. It’s time for us to not be afraid anymore. It’s time for us to lead.”
Gov. Justice went on to say that, while he supports all forms of energy production, now is not the time to go all-in on renewable energy.

“Of course we want the most pristine waters and air. But in this day and time, all of the renewable forms of energy that we one day hope to embrace, right now they are just the parsley around the plate. The meat and potatoes are our gas, our oil, and our coal,” Gov. Justice said. “God will give us time for the smart people of the world to solve the riddle. If there is truly climate change going on, He will give us time. But right now, there’s a madman on the loose who’s blowing up hospitals. We don’t have time to play games. The people in that poor hospital in Ukraine certainly don’t have time.”
Following his address, Gov. Justice announced that he would be sending a letter to the West Virginia Legislature​, requesting $5 million be allocated in support of the Ukrainian children’s hospital recently bombed by Russian military forces.

“Do you believe in your heart that a man who’s blowing up hospitals and schools is going to stop?” Gov. Justice asked. “If you don’t believe he’s going to stop, then you need to do something about it, and you absolutely best better not be afraid.

“In West Virginia, we have always done this nation proud. Whether it be with the percentage of our people that enlist in the military, with our patriotism, and especially with our energy capabilities, we lead the nation,” Gov. Justice added. “Right now, this nation and this world needs West Virginia.”

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