Gov. Justice applauds West Virginia Senate for stepping up and advancing bill to repeal personal income tax


Plan would seize a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bring more jobs into the state and more money into the pockets of all West Virginians
CHARLESTON, WV – Today, Gov. Jim Justice issued the following statement, commending Senate President Craig Blair and the West Virginia Senate for passing an amended version of HB 3300 Wednesday evening, which would repeal West Virginia’s personal income tax using key elements of the Governor’s Justice 4 All plan:

“I applaud the Senate in every way for stepping up to the plate and advancing a bill that would completely change the status quo for West Virginia. I am especially pleased with how Senate Republicans stepped up with a high level of compassion for those that are our lower-income earners; restoring my tax credits – ensuring justice for all West Virginians – so that everyone will end up with more money in their pockets after this is adopted versus where they are today. I’m also pleased with our coal and gas partners for stepping up and deciding to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem. This entire plan has always been about all of us pulling the rope together.

“The days of accepting population loss and job loss in West Virginia are over. We have put our heads together to come up with a plan that all West Virginians can be proud of – a plan that will seize the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity we have before us to bring more businesses, jobs, and people into the state, raise wages and home values, and put more net positive dollars in every West Virginian’s pocket on day one.

“With my support, and the support of the Senate, we are two-thirds of the way to making this dream a reality. We will continue to work with members of the House to get this bill across the finish line. I truly believe that, as we share with them the undeniable benefits of our plan, it will become clear that the repeal of the personal income tax will make life better for all West Virginians. I continue to encourage the House to be open-minded and to stop scaring people by distorting the impact of small tax increases, while leaving out the large magnitude of the tax deductions and the rebate checks that are also part of the plan. At the end of the day, everyone – EVERYONE – will end up with more money in their pocket.

“There is no doubt; this is a crossroads moment in the history of our great state. We cannot afford to shy away from the opportunity that’s right in front of us. As West Virginians, taking action in these kinds of big moments is in our blood. This state was forged by brave mountaineers who weren’t afraid to take control of their own destiny; carving our state out of a rugged landscape and turning it into paradise. With the spotlight of the world on us for the first time in a long time, now is our chance to take a bold step forward; to take the bull by the horns and chart our own course for the future. This is our moment to bring an avalanche of people, businesses, jobs, and money into West Virginia. The single most important bill of our lifetime is two-thirds of the way there. Now is our time. Let’s make it happen!”

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