Gov. Justice announces $13.8 million in grant funding for water/sewer and broadband projects across West Virginia



​CHARLESTON, WV – Today, Gov. Jim Justice and West Virginia Department of Commerce Secretary Ed Gaunch held a ceremony to award 17 grants, worth $13,844,958 in federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds, which have been dedicated to various water/sewer and broadband infrastructure projects across West Virginia.

“The multiplier effect of that $13.8 million becomes lots and lots of dollars and so we’re really happy to be able to do this today,” Gov. Justice said. “It gives us the opportunity to make everyday life better for countless West Virginians in many ways.”

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) provides CDBG funds to West Virginia annually. The Community Advancement and Development Division of the West Virginia Development Office manages these funds.

Of the total amount, more than $11.1 million has been awarded for water and sewer projects in various counties and municipalities, which will benefit nearly 10,000 West Virginians.

Additionally, more than $2.7 million will go toward broadband projects, which will benefit a wide range of residents across nine counties.

Wednesday’s grant presentation ceremony was held virtually through videoconferencing technology.

“I wish I could be there with you in person,” Gov. Justice said. “This is not the way West Virginians do stuff. We’re a handshaking, hugging community that is a loving community and I wish to goodness that I could be there with you because today is a celebration that we all love.”


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Town of Hinton (Summers County)
Amount: $1,500,000
Title: Sewer CSO Abatement – Phase I
Purpose: This project will upgrade and replace sewer lines and separate out storm drains, improving service for approximately 2,550 residents. The project will also upgrade the Bellepoint pump station and wastewater treatment plant. This is the first phase of a three-phase upgrade project for the town.



Jackson County Commission (Jackson County)
Amount: $1,464,800
Title: Southern Jackson PSD Water Extension
Purpose: Due to a lack of suitable private water supply, residents of Station Camp Road, White Pine Road, Windell Ridge Road, Jim Ridge Road, and some surrounding homes have requested public water service from Southern Jackson PSD. This project proposes the construction of approximately 800 LF of 8-inch waterline, 59,000 LF of 6-inch waterline, 1,500 LF of 2-inch waterline, a booster station, a 50,000-gallon storage tank, and additional improvements to serve 276 individuals.



Nicholas County Commission (Nicholas County)
Amount: $1,055,000
Title: Mill Creek Water Extension
Purpose: This proposed project will extend water service to 43 residents in the Mill Creek area of Nicholas County, who currently utilize inadequate well systems. The plans also calls for the installation of 12,050 LF of water mains, eight valves, 19 meters, and a booster station.



Town of Rainelle (Greenbrier County)
Amount: $1,500,000
Title: Water Storage Facilities Upgrade
Purpose: This project will upgrade the town's existing water storage facilities and connect the town's two water systems to allow the Lilly Plant system to provide water to the town if an emergency situation were to arise. The plan also includes the painting of four water tanks, the installation of a new 75,000-gallon tank in the Lilly system to replace an undersized tank, and a conversion of the undersized tank to a clear well. Includes 5,800 LF of distribution line to tie-in the Lilly Park area and the town area. The plan will benefit an estimated 1,521 individuals.



Town of Rivesville (Marion County)
Amount: $1,500,000
Title: Fairmont to Rivesville Water Supply Line Repair and Replacement
Purpose: The new main supply line will be turned over to City of Fairmont to eliminate redundancy and aged infrastructure to increase reliability. The project consists of 10,200 LF of 12-inch water line and 300 LF of 8-inch water line with a stream crossing, 350 LF of steel casing, and six gate valves. The project also includes riprap, asphalt, concrete, gravel and grass restoration. The plan will benefit approximately 1,272 residents.



Town of Union (Monroe County)
Amount: $1,121,000
Title: Union Pickaway Waterline Extension
Purpose: This project will serve 284 residents and 10 businesses in the Pickaway community, north of the Town of Union. It will install 27,000 LF of new waterlines at various sizes, all necessary appurtenances and equipment for the waterline extension, 111 residential meters, and 19 fire hydrants. Two wells will be developed as a secondary water source.



Webster County Commission (Webster County)
Amount: $1,500,000
Title: Wastewater Collection/Treatment System Upgrade
Purpose: Project will reduce the amount of inflow and infiltration entering the PSD system and upgrade an aging 300,000 GPD extended aeration wastewater treatment plant. The project also removes and replaces 1,225 LF of gravity sewer/service lateral pipe, 4,600 LF of force main, nine manholes, modifications to five pump stations, and various wastewater treatment plant upgrades. The project will benefit approximately 3,690 people.



Wyoming County Commission (Wyoming County)
Amount: $1,500,000
Title: Coal Mountain Waterline Extension
Purpose: Logan County PSD will serve as a partner agency on this project, which will provide reliable water service to approximately 276 residents, plus seven commercial customers and one new institutional customer in the communities of Coal Mountain, Big Cub Branch, Upper Sturgeon Branch, and Road Branch.





Berkeley County Commission (Berkeley County)
Amount: $50,000
Title: Broadband Planning
Purpose: This project will enable the Berkeley County Commission to undertake a broadband feasibility study. With its proximity to the Washington, D.C. metro area, the county is an attractive location for new residents and businesses. The county seeks to improve connectivity to support future economic expansion, particularly in unserved and underserved areas.



Clay County Commission (Clay County)
Amount: $150,000
Title: Clay County Phased Broadband Design
Purpose: This project will enable the Clay County Commission to build upon its broadband feasibility study with technical project designs for broadband development. The county will proceed into a design phase of its broadband development initiative with network designs, cost estimates, and development of public-private partnerships, in eligible areas. This design phase will enable the county to pursue infrastructure funds for broadband projects that will improve connectivity for residents and businesses in low-to-moderate income areas which have poor service or no service.



Greenbrier County Commission (Greenbrier County)
Amount: $583,000
Title: Quinwood Area Broadband Development Project
Purpose: This project will enable the Greenbrier County Commission to complete a fiber infrastructure project in Quinwood and the surrounding area. The project provides matching funds for an application to the Appalachian Regional Commission POWER program. Upon completion, this project will enhance options for broadband connectivity in the area, improving emergency services, tourism development, and other critical services. 



Lincoln County Commission (Lincoln County)
Amount: $50,000
Title: Broadband Planning
Purpose: This project will enable the Lincoln County Commission to undertake a broadband feasibility study. The county seeks to improve connectivity for residents and businesses, with a focus on job creation and entrepreneurial initiatives, telemedicine, education, workforce retraining, and tourism. This project will enable the county to work with numerous partners to identify areas that lack connectivity and develop strategies for improvement.



Logan County Commission (Logan County)
Amount: $50,000
Title: Broadband Planning
Purpose: This project will enable the Logan County Commission to undertake a broadband study. The county seeks to develop a strategic plan to expand broadband access to the most unserved and underserved areas. The county views this project as critical to its ability to diversify the local economy and compete for economic development and job creation opportunities. 



Town of Meadow Bridge (Fayette County)
Amount: $906,600
Title: Meadow Bridge Municipal Broadband Design
Purpose: Building upon the Fayette County Broadband Feasibility Plan, this project will enable the Town of Meadow Bridge to design a fiber broadband expansion project. The project will include the installation of approximately 42,600 LF of aerial fiber optic cable. The project will provide an opportunity for enhanced services related to education, public safety, telemedicine, and economic opportunity in this rural community.



Monroe County Commission (Monroe County)
Amount: $50,059
Title: Keenan-Doss Shaver Broadband Expansion
Purpose: This broadband infrastructure project will improve broadband connectivity in Monroe County, extending service along West Virginia Route 3 from the community of Keenan to Doss Shaver Road. The project will include the installation of aerial fiber infrastructure and wireless technology, providing connectivity for residents and businesses along the route. The project will also assist in the creation or retention of jobs at the nearby Audrina Mill.



Raleigh County Commission (Raleigh County)
Amount: $643,999
Title: Raleigh County Memorial Airport Industrial Park Broadband Project
Purpose: This broadband infrastructure project will improve broadband connectivity at the Raleigh County Memorial Airport. The project will include the construction of approximately six miles of aerial and buried fiber infrastructure along Industrial Park Road and Commerce Drive. The project will create a fiber loop to further develop areas in the industrial park.



Summers County Commission (Summers County)
Amount: $220,500
Title: Talcott Broadband Expansion
Purpose: This broadband infrastructure project will improve broadband connectivity in the Talcott area of Summers County. The project will extend approximately 1.67 miles of aerial fiber in Talcott to serve residents along Pat Ball Road, Bill Perdue Road, Briercliffe Road, Pitt Row, and Blankenship Road. This project will support future broadband expansion in the area and additional job creation efforts.



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