Gov. Justice visits Corridor H Roads to Prosperity project


PARSONS, WV – Standing just off of Route 72 in Tucker County, in the location where the Parsons exit off of Corridor H will be constructed, Gov. Jim Justice and leaders with the Department of Transportation spoke Monday about Gov. Justice’s Roads To Prosperity program that continues to modernize West Virginia’s roads, bridges, and transportation system.

“The number one priority, as far as highways in this state, has always been the same one with me; and that’s Corridor H,” Gov. Justice said. “Corridor H brings us jobs, it brings us opportunity, it brings us exposure, it brings us so much it’s unbelievable.”

The Corridor H project is one of nearly 1,000 Roads To Prosperity projects that have either already been completed, are currently under construction, or will be underway before the end of 2019. These projects represent more than $1.1 billion-worth of work and span more than 1,700 miles. 

“From the standpoint of what I’m supposed to do for you as your Governor, I’m supposed to – with all in me – provide opportunity and goodness for our state.,” Gov. Justice said. “Now, there’s many roads that need done. But I’m going to tell you, without question, this is the one that brings us the most opportunity.

“It’ll bring us opportunity. It’ll bring us revenue. It’ll bring us things for our schools. It will bring us so much and so today is a really proud day for me.”

In 24 months since the bond referendum passed, 541 projects – worth $385.1 million and spanning 1,185 miles – have been completed through the Roads To Prosperity program. Those projects, spread across all 55 counties, include paving, bridge repairs, slip and slide repairs, and other road improvements. 


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