Gov. Justice signs Budget Bill; Revenue Secretary discusses bill in press conference


CHARLESTON, WV - Gov. Jim Justice Thursday signed HB 2020, the $4.636 billion Fiscal Year 2020 budget that was passed by the West Virginia Legislature on Friday, March 8. He also signed 10 supplemental appropriation bills and vetoed one supplemental appropriation bill.

The only changes to the budget bill were four line-item vetoes. 

View the Governor's letter explaining the line-item vetoes.

Gov. Justice signed the following supplemental appropriation bills:
  • SB 424 - Supplemental appropriation to Civil Contingent Fund
  • SB 435 - Supplemental appropriation to State Department of Education and Vocational Division
  • SB 677 - Supplemental appropriation to Division of Health and Division of Human Services
  • SB 678 - Supplemental appropriation from State Excess Lottery Revenue Fund to Office of Technology
  • SB 679 - Supplemental appropriation to Division of Finance
  • SB 680 - Supplemental appropriations to various divisions in DMAPS
  • SB 681 - Supplemental appropriation from Lottery Net Profits to Educational Broadcasting Authority
  • HB 2665 - Supplemental appropriation for PEIA Rainy Day Fee
  • HB 2667 - Supplemental appropriation to the Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety, Division of Corrections
  • HB 3135 - Expiring funds to the balance of the Department of Commerce, Development Office
Gov. Justice vetoed the following supplemental appropriation bill:
  • HB 3148 - Making a supplementary appropriation to the Department of Health and Human Resources, Division of Human Services​

Secretary of Revenue Dave Hardy further discussed the details of the bill at a press conference Friday in the Governor's Reception Room.

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