Gov. Justice recommends projects for West Virginia's Appalachian Regional Commission Investment Program


CHARLESTON, WV – Gov. Jim Justice today recommended 13 projects, totaling over $9.4 million in grants from the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) Investment Program.

“These projects will not only address many of our community and economic development needs in the state, but also take advantage of our assets so that we can continue to grow our economy," Gov. Justice said. "We are pleased to have such a strong commitment from ARC and our local and regional partners to ensure a brighter future for West Virginia.”

The West Virginia Development Office administers the state’s ARC program, which is a partnership of federal, state, and local participants providing financial and technical assistance for economic development and infrastructure projects.

Projects recommended for ARC funding include: 


Pocahontas County PSD: $600,000
Frank-Bartow Sewer Extension
The project will extend sanitary sewer service to the Frank and Bartow areas of Pocahontas County. Customers served by the project currently rely upon inadequate septic systems or discharge directly into nearby streams. The project will serve 110 customers, including 101 residential and 9 commercial customers Counties.

City of Kenova: $1,500,000
Prichard-Kenova Waterline Upgrade 
The project will upgrade water service along Route 52 from Kenova to the Prichard area in Wayne County. Customers served include 335 residential customers, 18 commercial or industrial customers, the Prichard Elementary School, and the Heartland Intermodal Gateway Facility in Prichard. The project will replace inadequate waterline in the project area with new, larger line and improve the amount of flow needed at the Intermodal Gateway Facility for economic development and fire protection.

West Virginia Development Office: $220,000
Consolidated Technical Assistance Grant
The West Virginia Development Office, with ARC funding assistance, will continue the Consolidated Technical Assistance program. The grant allows the West Virginia Development Office to employ staff for providing technical assistance to ARC applicants and grantees, monitoring and administering ongoing projects, drafting and implementing the West Virginia Development Plan, and operating the West Virginia Main Street and ON TRAC programs.

West Virginia Development Office: $250,000
Competitive Improvement Program
The project will provide training and consultation services to small and medium-sized firms in West Virginia to increase their competitiveness. The project will address a unique need for which no other funding sources are available. The results of these services will be a greater number of companies that are increasing the range of their market and market share, and a commensurate increase in the number of jobs retained or created. 


The EdVenture Group: $75,695
cMeLead Simulated Workplace Leadership Project
The project will deliver training to career and technical education students within the West Virginia Department of Education’s Simulated Workplaces located in ARC-designated distressed counties. The training will focus on leadership skills including communication, goal setting, and effective leadership. The project activities will enhance the Simulated Workplace curriculum and give students additional personal and professional skills in motivating and leading others.

National Lead for America: $36,554
Substance Abuse Fellowship Project
The project will provide support for a two-year fellowship in Boone County. The fellow will work with the Boone County Southwestern Regional Day Report Center (SRDRC) to strengthen and expand the Fresh Start program, an initiative that works with individuals recovering from substance abuse and provides them education and training in agricultural trade skills that will support their recovery and assist them in transitioning to the workforce. The fellow will be provided enhanced education and training in community development during the two-year fellowship to strengthen the delivery and impact of the Fresh Start program in Boone County.

Town of Sand Fork: $1,500,000
Sand Fork Wastewater System Improvements
The project will upgrade the Town of Sand Fork’s wastewater system in Gilmer County which is outdated and failing. The project also includes an extension to serve new customers. The project will serve a total of 90 customers (33 new customers and improve service for 57 existing customers).

Town of Clay: $780,000
Town of Clay Water Tank Replacement 
The project will replace the existing Town of Clay’s Upper Maysel and Lower Maysel water storage tanks. The tanks were constructed almost 50 years ago and have deteriorated to the point where they need to be replaced. The project will ensure continued reliable water service for 526 existing residential and commercial customers (433 residential and 93 non-residential).

Town of Iaeger: $1,800,000
Iaeger Regional Sewer Phase 1 
The project will install a public sewer system for the Town of Iaeger and surrounding area in McDowell County. Customers in the project area currently rely upon failing septic systems or discharge directly into nearby streams. The project will serve 137 customers (104 residential and 33 non-residential), including the Iaeger Elementary School, and improve environmental and health conditions in the area as well as increase economic viability.

Town of Bradshaw: $1,000,000
Town of Bradshaw Sewer Upgrade
The project will upgrade the existing sewer system in the Town of Bradshaw in McDowell County. The current system is aging and in disrepair. The project will serve 127 existing customers (107 residential and 20 non-residential).

McDowell County Commission: $40,000
Dilapidated Structures Mapping Project
The project will locate, photograph, and collect GPS coordinates and create a comprehensive database of vacant and dilapidated structures in McDowell County. Completion of the database will facilitate long-range planning for economic development, improve community quality of life, and aid in the future placement of community infrastructure.

McDowell County Public Service District: $160,000
Technical Assistance for Project Management
The project will provide funding for the McDowell County Public Service District (PSD) to contract with a consultant to assist with infrastructure project management, including the development, implementation, and closeout of water and sewer projects administered by the PSD. The consultant will also assist the PSD with long-term planning and organizational development as the PSD transitions into wastewater operations while continuing to address water infrastructure needs in the county. 

The Town of Pine Grove: $1,469,956
Pine Grove Phase 3 Sewer Extension
The project will replace the remaining section of a failing sewer system in the Town of Pine Grove in Wetzel County. The existing system has experienced failures that have resulted in discharge of raw sewage into waterways and homes. The project will serve 95 customers including 10 commercial customers. 


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