Gov. Justice issues statement on Tax Day in West Virginia


​​CHARLESTON, WV – Gov. Jim Justice has issued the following statement on Tax Day in West Virginia:
This Tax Day is a great day in West Virginia. Our state is really on the move with historic revenue numbers that remain on track for a significant year-end surplus, and we’ve been able to help lots of West Virginians save real money on their tax payments.
In 2017, I signed into law a tax exemption for our veterans, which has made it so military retirement income, including retirement income from the Armed Forces, Reserves and National Guard paid by the United States or the State of West Virginia is exempt from state income tax. You can learn more about this incredible tax exemption for our many brave West Virginian men and women who have served our country here.

This year, I signed into law a bill that will phase out the tax on Social Security benefits for many of our retirees over the next three years. You can learn more about this tax cut by viewing the bill here.

Beyond these tax cuts, thousands of West Virginians took advantage of a major discount on the West Virginia Turnpike by purchasing an E-ZPass Transponder at just $8 per year for 3 years. That discount has saved West Virginians all kinds of money and has made our turnpike more affordable for our people. You can purchase an E-ZPass at the still-discounted rate of $25 dollars per year here.

And even though many people thought that my plan to improve West Virginia’s aging transportation infrastructure through the Roads to Prosperity program would involve raising taxes after the bond passed, I’m proud to say that we are getting projects underway with NO NEW TAXES.

President Donald Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has also had a positive impact on our whole economy. Not only have these cuts allowed West Virginians to bring home more money in their paychecks, but they have also opened the door for more businesses to set up shop right here in West Virginia through the many Opportunity Zones in our state. 

Our West Virginia State Tax Department is here to help you with any questions you may have. You can contact them here. ​

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