Governor Justice's Charge to the Blue Ribbon Commission on Four Year Higher Education


​Governor Jim Justice sent this charge to the Chair's of the Blue Ribbon Commission on Four Year Higher Education in advance of their first meeting. The Governor hopes this charge will guide the Commission as they undertake the task of examining West Virginia's four year higher education system.
The Governor charges the Blue Ribbon Commission on Four Year Higher Education to recommend policies, structure, and organization to improve four-year higher education. The Report will be submitted to the Governor by December 10, 2018.
Structure and organization
The Commission will recommend policies that support keeping schools in communities with institutional local governing boards, and that support mission differentiation, particularly, service, research, and innovation. In forming recommendations, the Commission will do the following:
• Examine policies and governance structures to provide institutions the ability to streamline administrative services to increase quality, create potential economies of scale and scope, including provision of services by a central service-providing entity.
• Examine policies that facilitate compatibility and alignment among the institutions and any central service-providing body.
• Examine policies that enhance the value and ability of four-year institutions to provide high-quality instruction, community outreach, economic development, as well as research and creative discovery within the scope of each institution’s mission.  
• Examine methods used in other states to restructure higher education. 
Educational Attainment
The Commission will recommend policies that provide all four-year institutions the opportunity to meet goals to increase access, retention and degree attainment. The Commission will do the following:
• Identify bureaucratic barriers and inefficiencies that interfere with the efficient delivery of education.
• Identify means to optimize access to instruction.
• Identify all technological breakthroughs to deliver world-class educational opportunities.
• Identify best practices to enroll, retain and graduate at-risk students.
• Identify incentives for graduates to remain in West Virginia’s workforce and leaders of West Virginia’s communities.

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