Gov. Justice praises President Trump, Vice President Pence for improving the state, national economy


​WHEELING, WV – Gov. Jim Justice was in Wheeling today to greet Vice President Mike Pence and take part in a roundtable discussion focusing on federal tax cuts proposed by the Trump Administration and enacted by Congress.

Gov. Justice praised President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Pence and said they have been significant players in the turnaround of the state and national economy.

“The numbers when I took office were so bleak it was unbelievable,” Gov. Justice said. “We were bankrupt with really nowhere to turn. Now, in all honesty, things have really changed.

“The reddest numbers of all here in West Virginia have some way, somehow turned black,” Gov. Justice added. “Now I’d love to be able to say it’s been all Jim, well it’s not all Jim. And I’d love to say it’s all the Republicans that have passed all this legislation prior to Jim and everything is just starting to roll.

“Now all of this is true, but at the end of the day if we don’t have Donald Trump and Mike Pence, and the moves that have happened from a regulatory standpoint and tax standpoint these numbers don’t happen,” Gov. Justice said. “The goodness that has come to this state, and the snowball that’s now rolling down this hill, so much of it comes from the friendships of Donald Trump and Mike Pence and all they have done for this great country and we’d best better dadgum well be appreciative. I know ever so much what’s happening today in West Virginia and I am one appreciative young man.”

The event at Oglebay Resort was sponsored by America First Policies.​

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