Gov. Justice delivers keynote address during 2018 Commencement ceremonies at WVSOM


​Osteopathic School bestows honorary doctorate degree on Governor "for his invaluable contributions, generosity and strong support of WVSOM, the community and the state"
CHARLESTON, WV - West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice delivered the keynote address Saturday during the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine’s 41st commencement ceremonies in Lewisburg.
Following the Governor's address, WVSOM President Dr. Michael Adelman, bestowed an honorary doctorate degree on Gov. Justice “for his invaluable contributions, strong support and generosity to WVSOM, the community and the state.”
Gov. Justice told the graduates they “were an elite group,” but that life’s journey is long and there is always room to be better.
“I would tell you that this life is now going to take you on a journey,” Gov. Justice said. “What do you have to do in life to get better? I would bet you would say study harder, or be more focused, be more determined, communicate better or try harder. But I would tell you just this, if you want to get better in this life the first thing you need to do is admit you’re doing something wrong. It’s the foundation of everything around us. We often times forget that.”
Justice said that after medical school there may be times when life will be tough, but being a graduate of WVSOM will have great rewards.
“You graduates have been prepared by these great people and this great institution,” he said. “You may go off for a while, but we want you back, right here in West Virginia. We are really, truly moving forward. This state is going to provide you with opportunities. Go on your way in life and do greatness, but you’ve got to come back.”​

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