Gov. Justice: Roads to Prosperity is working for West Virginia


​Sunday marks first anniversary of historic vote to improve state’s transportation system
CHARLESTON, WV- Sunday, October 7, 2018, marks the first anniversary of the passage of Gov. Jim Justice’s historic Roads to Prosperity Bond Program that is infusing billions of dollars into modernizing and improving West Virginia’s transportation system through repairs to our existing roads and bridges and new construction.
“I promised West Virginians that if they supported my Roads to Prosperity plan that it would not only let us get out and fix our current roads and bridges but it would also bring new construction projects, provide thousands of jobs and really boost our economy beyond belief,” Gov. Justice said. “And that’s exactly what’s happening and is going to continue to happen for years to come. Our new and improved roads will bring increased tourism and new manufacturing to West Virginia.”
According to the West Virginia Department of Transportation, since last October when 73 percent of West Virginia voters approved the Roads to Prosperity Program put forth by Gov. Justice, 286 projects costing $98.7 million and covering 691 miles have been completed. Those projects, spread across all 55 counties, include paving, slip and slide repairs, bridge repairs, and other road improvements.
Another seven projects funded by General Obligation, Garvee, and Turnpike Bonds, and totaling more than $352 million, have also been awarded and are in various stages of work.
“The Roads to Prosperity Program is going to benefit every West Virginian in some way, shape, form or fashion,” Gov. Justice added. “Our existing roads and bridges are getting fixed and they are becoming safer for motorists. New construction that will improve and create easier access to the state is underway. The voters overwhelmingly supported my plan on this and the goodness it has created will continue to be felt for a long, long time. I promised NO ADDITIONAL TAXES AND I DELIVERED.” ​

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