Gov. Justice Issues Statement on Indictment of Justice Loughry


​CHARLESTON, WV – Gov. Jim Justice issued this statement:
The federal indictment of Supreme Court Justice Allen Loughry today saddens me. This casts another shadow of negativity on West Virginia, which is certainly something we just plain don’t need.
Justice Loughry should immediately resign from office and spare our state any further embarrassment.
So many elected officials throughout West Virginia’s history have chosen to do things that are unethical and self-centered. Politicians today are too concerned with getting re-elected and end up doing things that only benefit themselves. We need to change that. We need people in government who genuinely want to serve the people of our state and aren’t concerned with their own self-interest.
It’s incredibly sad on the 155th birthday of our Great State that we have to face this issue, but West Virginians should not let these actions by a public official damage their confidence in our state. We are on the move, no matter what anybody says. There are so many great things happening in West Virginia, and I will continue to work every day to move our state forward.​​​

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