West Virginia Chamber of Commerce Backs Key Part of Justice Budget Plan


WV business community supports .00045 Commercial Activities Tax

CHARLESTON, WV – The West Virginia Chamber of Commerce announced today that it is supporting the Governor’s .00045 Commercial Activities Tax (CAT) on businesses. This contribution from business will approach $45 million.

“It’s time to solve this budget crisis and give West Virginia businesses stability and predictability,” said Steve Roberts, president of the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce. “We’ve heard loud and clear from West Virginia employers that they are willing to participate in helping stabilize the state’s finances.”

Regarding the CAT tax, Roberts said, “The least painful thing we can do is a temporary Commercial Activities Tax that will sunset. We believe businesses realize it’s a significant contribution and appropriate one.”

Roberts said, “The business community recognizes that education and good health are essential to the future success of our state. Vital health and education programs are on the line, and if participation from business can save those programs our members want to be part of the solution.

West Virginia businesses have joined the people, the wealthy, and the government in fixing the budget crisis as part of Governor Justice’s plan.

“I’ve said all along that the budget must have everyone pulling the rope together, and my deal does that,” Governor Justice said. “We’ve been negotiating to come up with a solution that’s as painless as possible for West Virginia, and this is a path forward that has participation from government, businesses, the super rich, and the people. This budget will save the patient.”

“My budget ideas, together with my roads building plan that will create 48,000 instant, good paying jobs and will cure our drug epidemic, will energize our economy and put us on a real pathway to prosperity” Governor Justice added. “We’ve got a week to go to get a budget passed and I hope we are close to closing the deal.”

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