U.S. Stock Market Soars While WV Sputters


CHARLESTON, WV — Following the news that the Dow Jones Industrial Average reached a new high and the stock market is surging, Governor Jim Justice issued the following statement:
“Wall Street is booming and the people of West Virginia aren’t sharing in the boom because our state Legislature refused to support the economic development tools I proposed. The Legislature said NO to the Save Our State fund to attract new businesses here, rejected any new money to promote tourism, and slashed prospects for a prepared workforce — all which would bring some of this national prosperity home to us in West Virginia.  While the rest of the country is on a tremendous rocket ride, West Virginia has hit rock bottom thanks to the Legislature.
“Until the Legislature can learn to think big, like I do, we’ll never see the economic comeback the people of West Virginia deserve. I hope and pray to the Good Lord that we all see the wisdom to vote ‘YES’ on the road bond in October to create tens of thousands of jobs as part of our road building program. 

“I just got here, but the lack of progress from the Legislature and this terrible situation has been years in the making.”​

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