Justice Proposes New Pathway to Save WV


Governor spells out budget proposal

CHARLESTON, WV - After weeks of no action from the West Virginia Legislature on the budget, Governor Jim Justice put forward a new budget plan to solve the budget crisis and create jobs. Justice stressed that he wants to balance the budget without crippling the state, and create immediate jobs in West Virginia. 

​"It's pitiful if we get to the point where we need to have a special session on the budget," said Governor Jim Justice. "While others are throwing rocks, I'm coming up with solutions to create jobs and balance the budget. We are already twenty days into the session; I've come up with a budget and I've heard some criticism, but I haven't heard any alternatives." 

VIDEO: Watch the Governor's presentation on his new plan to balance the budget and grow 48,000 jobs. 

Governor Justice added, "The most important thing anyone in Charleston can do is to pass a budget that puts us on a pathway to prosperity. My plan will do that and grow 48,000 new jobs."

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