Justice Introduces Legislation Mandating More Efficient Use of State Vehicles


CHARLESTON, WV - Today, Governor Jim Justice announced that he is cutting wasteful spending on state vehicles by creating a centralized inventory for the state entire fleet. The bill comes after the Justice Administration has already eliminated over 200 state cars.

VIDEO: Watch the Governor's legislative director, Bob Ashley, explain why this proposal is so important to WV taxpayers.

"To make our state operate more like a business, we must get a handle on all of our assets and liabilities," said Governor Jim Justice. "Keeping track of every state vehicle will ensure that state government isn't wasting money on replacing vehicles. This is a way to streamline government, and when someone asks how many cars the state owns, we will have an exact answer."

The Governor's proposal will expand the duties of the Fleet Management Office to keep track of all state vehicles, including fuel usage, mileage, maintenance, and purchases made by all agencies.  These changes will provide for a centralized inventory of all state vehicles, and requires registering and re-titling of all state vehicles.  The Fleet Management Office would maintain a pool of vehicles for short-term rentals for agencies instead of purchasing more vehicles.​

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