Additional Instructions for Submitting Judicial Vacancy Application Form


In addition to the instructions for application included in the Judicial Vacancy Application Form, please note the following: 

As instructed in the application, the three Releases for Information are to be submitted immediately and separately from the application.  Do not copy these releases and attach them to your application materials.  Only one original signed copy of each of the three Releases of Information is to be submitted.

If you send a letter of submittal with your application, attach it only to the original copy of the application; do not attach to all 11 copies.  
Staple each of the 11 copies of the application.  The top sheet is the first page of the application form.  The original may be stapled or clipped.

Staple each of the 11 copies of your resume.  The original of your resume may be stapled or clipped.

Your application and resume are two separate documents.  Do not staple or otherwise attach copies of your resume to your application.
DO NOT bind any of your materials in notebooks, spiral binders, plastic covers, or any type of document covers.


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